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VeroMetal is a metallizing process that applies
cold sprayable metal to almost any surface.

Whatever your industry, VeroMetal provides the perfect metal finishing.

Interior Design

VeroMetal is the perfect metal finishing choice for the interior design industry. Not only will your products and finished pieces look outstanding…… Why go over budget on funding for source material and outsourcing for labour when everything can be manufactured, coated and finished under one roof! With light weight substrate alternatives to solid cast bronze or copper etc available such as plastics, MDF, plaster or fibreglass, it makes VeroMetal a vital asset in both cost and time saving on potential projects.

Furniture Production

As with Interior design, VeroMetal is the perfect choice for creating jaw-dropping bespoke functional works of art, or just the small edge trim or light section of detailing will set any piece off and truly stand out from the competition! Create furniture from scratch and add a truly prestigious flair, or imagine using an existing carcass or frame and giving a total overhaul, as an example imagine a high polished Gunsmoke or Reflex Silver top or detailing on an original Victorian cabinet! You keep all the original style with an exciting new twist.

Construction / Architecture

VeroMetal is well established within the construction and architectural realms. Examples of VeroMetal metal finishing can be seen nationwide on display at City Airport, The Barbican Exhibition Centre, The Whisky Shop – Piccadilly, Harrods to name but a few.

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