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VeroMetal is a metallizing process that applies
cold sprayable metal to almost any surface.


VeroMetal UK is the official VeroMetal finishing distributor, and service provider in metal coating in the UK, based in Northampton.

We have a team of applicators in addition to VeroMetal technical consultants. Whom have over 10 years of experience in VeroMetal metal coating in the UK. In addition, metal finishing. With this we can answer any questions and competently complete every job with outstanding results. We are the Only company in the UK who supply, apply and train to meet all of your VeroMetal needs. Therefore from supply, coating to metal polishing and metal finishing, we provide a truly bespoke experience in the service we provide.

We have completed a vast variety of projects and have customers from many different industries. These include: architectural, Interior design, signage, shopfitting, Kitchen and furniture manufacture. In addition, the TV and film industry, construction, single bespoke artist projects and many more.

Partners with One to One Engravers

VeroMetal UK are part of One to One Engravers who have been established now for almost 20 years. Thus, creating a partnership which we believe complements each other, and have driven us forward with leading innovation. This means that One to One are in a unique position to offer their customers a very cost effective, time saving metal finishing and metal coating in the UK. Therefore, being an alternative to a wide range of expensive materials such nickel, copper, bronze and brass. Additionally, through our metal polishing service, we can customise the design of our work to fit the exact aesthetic look you want. Which often would look indistinguishable to solid metal or metal plating, of the specific type of metal look you’re after. Our aim is to take VeroMetal to the next level, which is already well underway in expanding our technical experience and large product range. Therefore, this helps our customers find flexible and cost effective solutions to meet their needs, and fulfill all expectations. We strive to be the best in our services to provide metal coating in the UK.

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